It's a best ZX-game I ever seen!
It has ZX and AMSTRAD versions

Head over Heels on ZX-Spectrum
Download Zipped 128K .Z80 snapshot Here is a complete walkthrouhg for the game 

Here is a complete map of the game 

Play it online in Jasper ZX-emulator 

Play it online in HOB ZX-emulator

 Cheating (cracked by Dimsla)
 Lives: A290h and A291h 
 Shield: A28Eh and A28Fh 
 The ability of "head" to run fast: A28Ch 
 The loads of "head": A292h 
 The number of springs for "Heels": A28Dh 
 Bit Flags of available objects: A28Bh 
 The room number: 703Ch 
 The level/floor number: 703Bh (from 00 to 0F) 
 X,Y,Z coordinats inside room: A2C5h, A2C6h, A2C7h 

Head over Heels on Amstrad
Download the game for
the Amstrad CPC emulator
Download Snapshots for the
key places of the game
 Cheating (cracked by Dimsla)
 the offset from the beginning of CPC-emulator snapshot file is: 
   Lives                           - 2580h and 2581h. 
   Loads for the "head"    - 2582h
The official Amstrad CPC emulator web page is located at: